Volunteers & Patrols

Our volunteers patrol Hull City Center on Friday and Saturday night between the hours of 9:00pm to 3.00am. You can easily spot our street angels as they wear a reflective high visible jacket and are always in a pair. Our Street Angels are very friendly and will always help with your needs and support you in any way possible. 

Water & Flip-Flops

Because our amazing volunteers care about whom we help, we provide water and flip-flops (for a donation) to those in need. We will never deny someone who is in need especially the most valuable. Not only will we provide  water and flip-flops but we will also escort you to the local taxi ranks. Our Street Angels also carry portable phone chargers for those people who need to charge their mobile phone for emergencies. 

First-Aid & Conflict Managment 

All our Street Angels are trained First-Aiders as well as trained in conflict management. We will deal with all issues regarding First-aid and if our volunteers are unable to deal with the incident, they will call for emergency services, our street angels will never leave someone until the emergency services have arrived. 

Support and Guidence

Our Street Angels will always be there to provide support and guidance to the streets of Hull. We will always provide a listening ear and be that person that you can approach on a night out.  We are out on the streets because we care about your well-being and ensure that you end your night safely.